The portal grows and grows, I'm almost
I'm on the edge I know, I'm almsot
It's all the way this time, I'm almost
It's gonna blow my mind, I'm almost

I'm turning on, I'm almost beautiful
I'm going, gone, I'm almost beautiful
Come on, come on, I'm almost beautiful
The light is on, I'm almost beautiful
I'm almost God, I'm almost beautiful
Come on, come on, I'm almost beautiful

It doesn't hurt at all, I'm almost
I'm walking through that wall, I'm almost
It's all the way this time, I'm almost
I'm almost beautiful, I'm almost

I wandered through an eye, changed a thousand times
Somehow I don't care, I'll leave it sitting there
I'm trying not to try, the window's open wide
This could be goodbye


Over my shoulder, no wonder to clutch
I only crave what I have not tasted, I cast off all I can touch
But you make the darkness all rosy and bright
How I long to break through this window and follow you into flight

Let me fly away with you bluebird
Lift my heart to heaven's high
Leave the clouds behind with you bluebird
Fly away and say goodbye

So farewell to madness, I've dreamed of this day
Pull me tenderly from the ruins and let it all fall away

Cause where we're going, it is overflowing
And we'll kiss the morning, sweetly dawning
Taste the sunshine in the rain

I've been clipped and tethered, can you help me bluebird?
Take me to the summer, break the slumber
Raise me to a happy day, there are only inches in our way


Words I know won't go, they stay strapped to me
Oh I don't believe what they're saying
Circumvent my will, words that shoot to kill
Watch their secrets spill from my eyes

Though my heart was there, I stayed undeclared
Left you lying there in the cold rain
All those sighs set free, stuck my mind for me
Wreck me constantly till I shut down

And I've got to let you go and get on
But all those words I know won't leave my head alone
And I've carried them around for so long
Days come and go but words I know keep hanging on

Swords you ran through me, Boy you cut so deep
I don't ever sleep anymore
Still they swarm and seethe, rape me mentally
And they inhabit me with devotion


Got a troubled tambourine
Lots of lettuce in between
Bitching like a billionaire
Seem to surface everywhere

Digging ditches, slinging hash
Daily double's on the dash
Baby all we do is fight
Catch a soaker every night

I want you to love me, throwing everything I can
A heat-seeking hustle, got a joy-stick in my hand
And if you play me over, I will make you understand
And lay your sugar down, spin me round, spin me round

Hearts are breaking at the door
Shatter-proof in haute-couture
Loaded like a magazine
Coldest thing you've ever seen

Super-sexy coin
Engine #1
Almost died of joy
Honkey catch you some
Fill my piggies full
Multiply it loud
Got a miracle right there in your mouth


It's such a nice day, too nice for all these
Tears that I've been through
The day is dawning, the fever fades and the
Blackness turns to blue

It was a long night, but now the sun is
Rising in the east and I can see the trees again
Across the dawn just like a long lost friend

The fight is over, the shadows fold and
Melt into the green
The morning opens, the sun appears
Like an ultra-violet dream

And now the bright dawn takes the horizon
Radiating, gently waking up and moving in
The golden light of day is here again

The day's in bloom, the world is new
The morning smiles, and bats her eyes
Heat=love, so turn it up
Yeah turn it up and burn me up

The glimmer tastes so good, I never thought it could
I'll put my fists away, it's such a nice day

Birdies are singing, they stop the ringing
Roar that's filled my ears
Sweet Mary sun shines like she's been gone
At least a million years

And now the blue sky fills up with sunshine
Just to dry my sleepless eyes and sweep the worry clear
It won't be long, my morning star is here


She looked a lot like I did, so it was easy
She wore painted lips and powdered eyelids
But unlike me did not react
Maybe she even smiled back

You must have known where this was going
Was it your first time
You kept playing possum, always knowing
That she was going to be the one
I was the girl she had become

Leaves are falling
Though it's only Spring
On the front lawn
From the willow tree
No answer
You just run away
And leave your shadow
Under the willow tree

She was close enough to understudy
And make your payday
She fell into place like easy money
And let your inhibitions fly
Repair the tear I left inside

And she's the real thing, it's really happening....


Honeymine, I've fallen to the bottom of an endless sigh
Honeymine, it feels just like dream since you've been all the time

Honeymine, I've weakened to the wonder of your shameless smile
You've flowered all around and brought me off my mind

And I don't want to stare, it's incredibly rude
But I can't help believing your love is like food
And I'll follow you down till we vanish from view
Honeymine, you're constant as a rock, silent and superfine

Honeymine, my heart goes up in vapours when you toss that line
Honeymine, with fistfulls I bequeath everything, everthine

You shoulder heavy loads, suture and sanctify
Honeymine, you soothe me with a touch soft as a lullaby

And I don't want to be here alone, I won't make it
If your real is forever I know I can take it
Cause I'm radioactive and Lord I can't shake it
Honeymine, you fly me as a kite, pour me like maple wine

Only give me sweetness, all you got is gold
More and more I need this, so tired of flying alone
Ooh you'll go to heaven, you are stuffed with love tonight
When we flock together I can feel me getting right


Ramona my love, you've buried so much
Through all of the years it still brings a tear

Ramona take heart, don't tear this apart
You draw what you need and refine what you are
But it still leaves a scar

You're taken down wordlessly, oh what you're saying
You're blinded with ecstasy's flare
And if you don't die from this there where you're laying....

Ramona prepare, your secret's so bare
Don't make that mistake, It'll push till you break

Whatever it's worth, you won't be the first
To stifle down screams and accept what it means
But it's still in your dreams

You follow down endlessly, oh where you're leading
Devoured in ecstasy's flame
And if you don't die from this there where you're laying...


Tangled up in love-me knots
And too untamed to keep
I learned to earn my sleep

Oooh electric lie
You tasted like the sun
And blistered all my fun

Ambushed by the same four-letter bomb
I guess it turns me on

Cut up will find me face down again
I guess it's not my friend

Yellow days, I could barely breathe
Locked up tight, I start the long walk back
Door to door with a oujii board
And just like a boomerang I go spinning back

Step-stoned landmines to be true
And flirted with the gun
Was I the only one

Come on now carnivore
Complete your surgery
You never fought for me

Square mouth under blackened eyes did scream
What whispers never dreamed

Someday I should try another hill
I know I never will


On the mountain
On the other side
Y our winters changed me
Like other fire-flies

Nature gives and nature takes away
Like my blue eyes, that looked but couldn't see
Through all your scenery

I set my borders around your ebb and flow
And you defined me, the fault is mine I know

Invisible and fast, we bled a lot of love
But love like that can never really last
It burns so hot and fast

How'd you get me to stay, stay for so long now, I stayed for so long now,
You kept me here somehow
You got some kind of way, your hold is so strong now, you hold me so strong now
I swear I don't know how
You're a lock-up lover, You collared me slow now, collared me slow now
And baby I know now
I should have walked away a long time ago now, and found a way somehow
The fever's so strong now, I lost but I found out

Through dark, deluded days
You pulled me closer to you
And bred insanities
I never got to know you

This getting smart is tearing me apart
But you got a hold
You chained and balled me
Your oceans called me

This is shaky ground
Love's a luxury
The rush is over now
You stripped and mined me

And sent me down the road
W ith miles and miles and miles to go



I dream on tip-toe murmuring
I drink the cold, brave night
And peel back the stars

Sworn, I lock the door behind me now
Sure, I dive into the restless pools of light

Oooh I stand before you now
Oooh, dare you to take my pulse
And tell me that I don't mean it

With insect ears I listen for
A sound of you tonight
Yes I'll be merciless

You rush in clear and loud
Your Cheshire ghost appears
I taste the gorgeous tide

Oooh, I don't pray anymore
Oooh, I take your hand and know
The scent of my own skin